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Videogames matter. As a storytelling medium. As a means of learning. As a means of sharing experiences. As a competitive arena showcasing skill, strategy, and teamwork. As artistic expression. As an outlet for creativity. This is the bulk of what Drunken Marmoset is all about, while simultaneously entertaining and informing.

Jeremiah French is Drunken Marmoset. He's a lot of things. He's an avid gamer, a musician, a writer, an explorer, and a creative. Above all, he wants to live a life that combines his many passions and talents into a colorful career that brings his and other folks' visions to life. His Masters' thesis explored the generation of new identities from fragments of many cultures in an eclectic approach to digital music composition in post-apocalyptic games. He hopes to one day get his PhD studying related complex topics, and Drunken Marmoset is his platform to present his interests and thoughts in a less academic, but no less informative, manner.

So welcome. Relax, open up your favorite bubbly, and take in the greatness. Or, if you'd like to get to making cool stuff, contact him for collaboration or contracted work.

Current projects include:

White Tulip (videogame): currently pre-alpha: sound design, writing, level design, concept work

Gafgarn the Eternally Unfurnished: an audio-book-like podcast fictional fantasy series that is bombastic, unique, and fun. A new episode every two weeks. Sound design and voicework by Fishbonius Studios and broadcasted on Chronosphere Fiction.